Ecuador Rainforest Tours - Kumanii Lodge
Most of Ecuador is covered by tropical forest, such as the Chocò on the PacificCoast and the Amazon in the east. You will find tantalizing destinations, exotic panoramas and native communities that have lived for centuries in harmony with their surroundings

Kumanii lodge is located in the tropical rainforest of the Choco region in Ecuador - South America


We work together with nearly a dozen Chachi and Afro-Ecuadorian communities to provide tourists with a complete experience of the rainforest, from participating in traditional dance to visiting the fields and virgin forest. Those who love nature, adventure and culture will find an interactive experience that teaches them to see, hear, taste and feel the world in a new way.


Located on the banks of the Rio Cayapas near the Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological reserve, Kumanii Lodge offers a cultural and ecological experience like none else. "Kumanii" is a Chachi word meaning, "a welcome person, friend or family."


There are several activities one can enjoy at Kumanii, to list a few:
  • Nature hikes in search of wildlife - these can be anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, moderate to strenuos hiking. The Kumanii trail is starts from the very lodge. On the Kumanii trail it is possible to see primary forest, banana and cocoa plantations, river fish and river shrimp farms.
  • Visit to the Loma Linda or another Chachi community. Here we will be greeted at the event house and will be able to presence and participate in a local wedding ceremony.
  • Chachi dugout canoe lessons, we can learn to use the main river transport, just get ready to get wet and have some fun.
  • Visit the Trinidad, Corriente Grande or another community maintained forest trail, we will observe primary and secondary forest and search for local flora and fauna - we will reach a lookout at the end of the trail where we will have a panoramic view of the Choco. We will also visit the farmlands where locals grow their consumption goods: coffee, cocoa, sugar cane, mandioc, etc.
  • Visit local artisans, the Chachi are famous for their basketry, they weave local straw into bags, books, baskets and other utensils.
  • Dance "La Marimba" with an Ecuadorian afro community. Feel this lively African influenced beat take possesion of you and dance to the beat.
  • Dugout canoe rides in search of birds and local wildlife.
  • Take part in a Shamanic healing ritual
For logistic reasons it is prefered to arrive in Quito as this is the departure city for trips to Kumanii and Ecuadorian Choco
Once you are in Quito, there are several options to get you to Kumanii lodge:
  1. Direct flight - Quito to Zapallo Grande (aprox. 45 min. flight 15 min. canoe ride upriver). This is a scenic flight as you will see the landscape and enjoy descending from the Andes into the coastal lowlands of Ecuador. The aircraft is a cesna plane with a capacity for 12 to 18 passengers. You may choose to fly in and return by land.

  2. Flight from Quito to Esmeraldas - This is commercial flight with TAME Airlines. This flight operates on a regular basis following the below schedule:
    Flight EQ 180 : Quito - Esmeraldas : departs 16h00 and arrives 16h30, every tuesday, thursday, friday and sunday.
    Flight EQ 181 : Esmeraldas - Quito : departs 17h00 and arrives 17h30, every tuesday, thursday, friday and sunday.
    Once we arrive in Esmeraldas airport it is a 45 min. drive to the river port at Borbon and from here it is an aprox. 2 and a half hour scenic canoe ride up the Cayapas river to Kumanii.
    On the way back you can decide on a beach vacation - Las Peñas a pristine small beach town is halfway between the Borbon river port and Esmeraldas Tachina airport.

  3. Private van transfer from Quito to Borbon (Cayapas river port) aprox. 6 hours very scenic drive with many attractions on the way. From Borbon to Kumanii lodge it is a 2 and a half hour canoe ride up the Cayapas, you will be able to enjoy the river life from you dugout viewing platform. Roundtrip transportation is available from Quito. If you are more adventurous or on a budget you can also take a public bus from Quito to Borbon, the only diference is that the bus ride is around 8 hours (public buses are safe and air conditioned).

  4. Private transportation and side tours from Quito. You can also cut your journey into segments, this is highly recommended, overlanding from Quito to the coastal lowlands is a very scenic route with many interesting attractions on the way, a sample overland itinerary would be:

    Day 1 - Quito - Otavalo market and surrounding artisan villages - Cuicocha crater lake - Indigenous family home stay near Cotacachi
    Day 2 - Cotacachi - Borbon - Kumanii lodge
    Day 3 - Kumanii lodge
    Day 4 - Kumanii lodge
    Day 5 - Kumanii lodge - Borbon - Las Peñas (small town by the beach, here we will enjoy sun, sand and warm equatorial waters)
    Day 6 - Las Peñas - Quito

As you can see there are options for all tastes and budgets, Kumanii is remote but always fun to get to.


Kumanii Itineraries and tours for visiting Kumanii lodge in the Ecuadorian choco rainforest, schedules and suggested programs.
At Kumanii, we are dedicated to ecotourism because we believe it is a responsible alternative which teaches visitors to understand natural history by sharing in the experiences of local communities and respecting their native culture, without impacting the ecosystem.
The Chocó, our primary area of operation, is one of three key ecological regions in Ecuador. Located in the northern coast throughout the Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve and its zone of influence, this region possesses great biological and cultural diversity, aside from being one of the rainiest places on earth.
In this natural paradise, you will find an incomparable experience, enjoying in one-of-a-kind tourist attractions in different villages, each with its own community ecotourism project.
These initiatives provide economic alternatives for the communities which allow them
to protect their tropical rainforest. Proceeds from the projects go towards development and social programs.

Along the banks of the Rio Cayapas, the Afro-Esmeraldan and Chachi centers of Zapallo Grande, Corriente Grande, San Miguel, Santa Maria and Telembi form our area of tourist exploration. These communities sustain themselves primarily through agriculture, hunting and gathering. For centuries, the Chachi remained isolated from Western culture, maintaining their native language and ancestral traditions. They are experts weavers using natural forest fibers. The Afro-Ecuadorian communities live in family groups primarily dedicated to agriculture, hunting, fishing and obtaining other products from the forest. With a history dating back more than 400 years, their relationship tot he forest is expressed through music, legends and folklore.


Rooms & Capacity:

Kumanii lodge was built in the traditional architectural style of the Chachi indigenous people of the Choco in Ecuador.
Native materials were used for the total construction of the lodge. Just recently we have added private bathrooms (modern materials used) to each cabin and widened the windows offering a picture view of the lodge´s surroundings for all rooms.
All rooms have capacity for 2 people in each, the bed configuration can be matrimonial or twin. The lodge has a total capacity for 28 people. Our small size allows for a more intimate experience with nature.
There is a total  of 13 standard cabins and 1 matrimonial suite. These are located across the garden from the dining room and viewing platforms. There are 3 main cabins, each has 4 rooms. There is a 4th cabin where the matrimonial suite is located.
The matrimonial suite is a little larger that standard cabins and offers additional privacy for its ocupants.
All rooms at Kumanii lodge are well ventilated without the need of air conditioning and have mosquito nets.
Kumanii lodge elegantly marries comfort and privacy in the serene natural environment of the Ecuadorian choco. Here you will enjoy a unique cultural experience in company of Afro Ecuadorian and Chachi communities while you search for wildlife.



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